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AccelReviews helps you grow, manage, and share online reviews for your business in a convenient and easy-to-use dashboard. With it, you and your team can easily and effectively increase your reviews and improve your ratings on your Google Business Profiles, Facebook pages, and other popular review platforms.

What people are saying about your business online is visible to anyone, and influences their impressions of your brand - positively or negatively. As a business owner or leader, it's crucial that you manage the discourse about your brand. It matters because reviews can cause you to win or lose customers.

Yes. Leaving online reviews unanswered can leave people with the impression you don't care about your customers. This becomes even more accentuated when your competitors are responding to reviews. Replying to reviews shows people you care about the customer experience you offer. It helps you build trust, and turn a negative around.

Google has stated that a high review count and score on your Google Business Profile can improve your rankings in local search and map results. Having high review counts and scores on other platforms can also influence your SEO, as your profiles can appear in organic search results. 

Google and other platforms have specific criteria for removing reviews. If you have received a negative review you feel is unauthentic or slanderous, you can request removal according to the platform's removal request guidelines. If the review is real, reply with compassion and offer solutions.

Every business will receive negative reviews at some point, and it's something you should embrace. Always ask for feedback from every customer. When you get negative feedback, give the customer the option to share their feedback with you privately as well as share it with others publicly. This keeps your business transparent and builds trust with your customers.

When you use your AccelReviews feedback link to collect feedback, positive raters are given the option of also sharing their feedback on your review profiles. Negative reviewers have an opportunity to share their feedback with you privately as well as publicly on your review profiles. You should always ask for feedback from all customers no matter their experience.

Offering incentives to customers is against Google's policies , and it may also violate the policies of other popular sites displaying reviews for businesses such as Yelp. This is to ensure reviews left on your profile reflect customer sentiments accurately. Doing so may result in lower rankings, reviews removed from your profile, and even possible penalties or fines imposed by the FTC.

Requesting, replying and sharing reviews couldn't be easier! We've made the process so simple that anyone on your team can get going with AccelReviews the same day your account is activated. Once you've connected your Google and other review platforms, customized your feedback link, and tailored your invitation templates, you're ready to go!

Positive reviews reinforce your brand's credibility and every negative reviews weaken it. Your goal is to win more customers from positive ratings and reduce lost leads from negative ones. We help you get more positives and reduce negatives using a simple yet powerful system focused only on that.

Yes, and it's a good idea to do so! You can integrate with your CRM using our API, or connect your platforms to AccelReviews using Zapier. If your setup is more basic, simply use your AccelReviews feedback link in your email campaigns. And of course, use your QR codes at your place of business!

Our current plans include unlimited WhatsApp invitations, 1000 email invitations per month, and 100 text messages per month, for one location or brand. If you need higher limits, we offer higher limits as an add-on. Please reach out to us for more details. You must have your customers' consent to send them review invitations. 

We're here to support you. If you need a walkthrough the platform, book a live demo with us and we'll show you everything you need to get started. If you need technical or other support, use our support portal to submit a ticket. One our support team members will be happy to help you.

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