AccelReviews makes it stupidly simple to manage feedback

Using the AccelReviews platform, your business can easily manage every channel you are featured on, from Google to TrustPilot. We’ve simplified the dashboard, meaning no more hunting for features and getting lost in the backend like with other platforms.

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How Important Are Online Reviews to Your Business?

In today’s business landscape, having fresh reviews can make or break your business. More than ever before, online reviews are driving people’s choices when they choose which products to buy, which businesses to frequent, and which services to use.

of consumers will at least occasionally read online reviews when researching local businesses

of consumers would not consider using a business with an average rating lower than 3 stars

of consumers leave reviews in response to receiving review requests from a business

of consumers are likely to buy from a business that responds to all reviews, whether positive or negative

use Google to research and evaluate a local business. Google is the most trusted review platform overall

of consumers either leave or are willing to leave an online review for a local business they have purchased from

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The AccelReviews platform offers many powerful features without the clutter that comes from other review and reputation management platforms.

Integrate Your Platforms

Using AccelReviews, connecting and managing reviews from every platform your business gets reviews on is easier than ever. Connect to top platforms, including:
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • + over twenty more
Review Platform integrations
Review Landing Page

Configure Your Landing Page

Create a custom landing page, making it easy for your clients and customers to leave reviews for specific platforms. Benefits include:
  • Your company branding
  • Specific platform selection
  • Easy to share

Request Feedback

Request feedback in ways that your customers will actually respond to. Whether through SMS, email, WhatsApp, or via QR Code, AccelReviews has you covered.
  • Consistent messaging
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multiple request methods
Review Acquisition
Review Landing Page

Manage Reviews

View all feedback in a central location, never miss an opportunity to respond, and avoid needing to log in and out of multiple platforms daily.
  • Easy to respond to feedback
  • All reviews centrally located
  • Save time on responding to feedback

Track Performance

Monitor reviews through an intuitive central dashboard. AccelReviews makes it easier than ever to spot trends in your business and see the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Intuitive analytics
  • Easy to understand
  • Multiple data points
Review Analytics
Share Reviews on Social

Create Social Proof

Drive growth by demonstrating to potential consumers your company’s expertise and credibility. Using AccelReviews, you can easily share your wins on multiple platforms.
  • Quick shareability
  • Integrate with numerous platforms
  • Personalized posting

Let People Know

Easily display your reviews where they count most: your company’s website. Convert more customers and instill confidence with an eye-catching reviews display widget.
  • Display multiple reviews
  • Choose widget display
  • Put your best feedback forward
Review Embeds

Reaching Your Customers

The AccelReviews platform offers your company multiple ways to collect feedback from clients and customers. Choose the exact method that your customers are most likely to use and personalize your outreach to maximize effectiveness.

Get Reviews SMS

Send messages using branded SMS

Get Reviews Email

Personalized emails to attract feedback

Get Reviews WA

Utilize WhatsApp to reach your customers

Countertop QR Code
QR Code

Printable QR codes for strategic display

Clients Who Increased Their Reviews By 200% Or More

“We increased reviews on our Google Business Profile by 300% and achieved a review score of 4.9 since using AccelReviews. The platform has helped us be proactive in asking our customers about their experience and sharing it online.”
Johnny Lalani
6ix Signs
“Once we got started with AccelReviews, we were able to double our review count on Google and maintain a 5-star average score. What’s more, we’re getting more leads from Google and our website now.”
Robert Chesser
Lubbock Lease Homes
“The AccelReviews team has been phenomenal in helping us set up and manage our review acquisition systems. We now have a team culture to ask our clients for feedback, not only to improve our reputation but also to get better at how we deliver.”
Angeline Chen
Toronto Exhibits

Your Questions Answered

AccelReviews does not recommend review gating. Review gating, otherwise making it difficult for people to leave undesirable reviews, is against the terms of service for many platforms and can cause you to run afoul of the FTC. Instead, the eXcelReviews platform makes it easy for businesses to manage the reviews they get across platforms through a central location and more efficiently respond to feedback left by clients and customers to manage their reputation more effectively and provide a higher quality experience.

Currently, AccelReviews directly connects to Facebook and Google through their API. We offer integrations to over 20 review platforms like TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages,, and more. The eXcelReviews team will help set up integrations for all platforms critical to your business’s success.

The AccelReviews platform makes it easy to request feedback through multiple channels, including email, SMS, and automation. We will work with you to make sure you know the best way to request feedback from your clients and customers. It is your responsibility to make sure you are complying with the terms of service for each platform you are requesting reviews on.

It is against the terms of service on many platforms, including Google, to request reviews from family, friends, and employees. While we can’t control what you do with the eXcelReviews platform, as long as you comply with our terms of service, we do not recommend requesting reviews from anyone other than clients and customers without relation to your company. This not only ensures you remain compliant with the terms of service of each platform you request feedback from, but it also ensures your potential clients and customers have a genuine experience with your business.

The AccelReviews platform is geared toward making review management easier and more efficient for companies and helping businesses manage feedback better. We do this while working to remain within the terms of service of all platforms and compliant with US and international law.

As such, you cannot gate reviews on the AccelReviews platform or keep clients or customers from leaving you negative feedback. Instead, the eXcelReviews platform makes it easier to centrally manage your reviews and take feedback from clients and customers, which you can address to improve your relationship with customers.

You will need to register a 10DLC campaign and phone number, either through Telnyx or Twilio, and ensure that you are compliant with all relevant laws.

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